Halloween treats

Order for pickup Oct 26-Oct 31
Limited quantities available

Halloween Variety.jpg

Halloween Variety Box

A mixture of Halloween themed chocolate covered strawberries, pineapple bites, and apple slices with toffee bits

Box of 6  - $12.50


Box of 9  - $17.50


Box of 12 - $22.50


Box of 16 - $27.50 


Halloween Berries.jpg

Halloween Strawberry Box

A mixture of Halloween themed chocolate and white chocolate covered strawberries

Box of 6  - $15.50

Box of 12 - $30.50


Halloween platter.jpg

Halloween Platter

  • Chocolate pineapple pumpkin​

  • Chocolate dipped pineapple half rings with Halloween sprinkles

  • Chocolate covered strawberries with dark chocolate and orange drizzle, and sprinkles

  • Chocolate covered apple slices with toffee bits and sprinkles

  • Grape skewer mummies dipped in chocolate and drizzled in white chocolate

  • Red grapes

One size (12 inch)