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With a name inspired by one of our youngest and sweetest customers,

'strawBABIES' is a cup of delicious, small, chocolate dipped strawberries. 


Drop in purchase only when supplies are available

kelly's cup


Created by one of our owners, 

'Kelly's cup' consists of some of Kelly's favourite treats including chocolate dipped strawberries, chocolate drizzled marshmallows and toffee chocolate clusters.




Drop in purchase only when supplies are available

grapes & berries

Grapes -n- berries.jpg

A cup of delicious chocolate covered grapes along with some of our signature strawbabies.




Drop in purchase only when supplies are available


fruit dip


A light, fluffy, not-too-sweet dip that pairs perfectly with fruit. Purchase with a cup of fresh fruit or to pair with your arrangement, platter, or even your fruit at home!

$2.00 each

apple pops

apple pops

Apple pops.jpg

Crisp apple slices dipped in delicious milk chocolate and covered in a variety of toppings

Small - $2.99

Large - $3.75

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